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Carpet Cleaning: Why some Spots can Reappear

Ever wonder why a spot/stain is now visible after you had your carpet freshly cleaned? Ionator Cleaning Solutions has the answers for you.

There are a few different reasons spots/stains reappear after a carpet cleaning.

If you had your carpet hot water extracted (HWE) and noticed a spot or stain that was removed but after the carpet dried and usually within the first 12-24 hours has resurfaced and is now visible again.

This is known as "wicking". The spot/stain has wicked back up from the under pad and/or carpet backing and dried at the top of the carpet fibers. In this case most of the time a professional carpet cleaning service can correct the problem by flushing the spot/stain from the under pad using proper equipment to extract the spot/stain from the carpet and pad.

Another possibility a spot or stain can reappear in your carpet after a carpet cleaning or just over time could be residue. Residue left in the carpet from store bought or even a professionals products that are not properly rinsed from the carpet fibers. These residue spots on the carpet are slightly sticky which will attract and pull soil from your socks or feet and will cause a soiled spot over time. These spots don't appear right after a cleaning. They appear over some time..

Most products purchased by home owners requires proper flushing and removal of the high ph store bought products which can be challenging to flush and rinse out even with professional equiptment. Many store bought carpet spot cleaners when not rinsed or diluted can also cause colour loss.

Visit if you're dealing with these types of issues and schedule an appointment with our expert. We service Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, Keswick, Georgina, Ontario.

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