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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning in Newmarket, ON

If you're looking for the ultimate carpet cleaning in Newmarket, ON, Ionator Cleaning Solutions is the company to call. Our high pressure truck mount system is the most powerful, thorough carpet cleaning system available and will give you the best cleaning results possible as well as fast dry times. Most of our carpet cleaning competitors around Newmarket, ON are utilizing portable extractors which are not in the same league as a truck mount system. Our truck mount units cost around $100,000 installed for a new moving unit. Thats about 20 times the cost of a top of the line portable extractor system.

We believe our carpet cleaning customers in Newmarket, ON deserve the best possible quality cleaning available. We provide the deepest clean available. We use more water to clean your carpets but also leave them drier than other methods. Our system has a powerful industrial strength vacuum system that recovers over 95 percent of the applied water and 100 percent of the detergent. Thoroughly rinsing detergent is ideal for carpet and upholstery not re-soiling quickly after the cleaning. Cleaners or detergents if not fully rinsed leave residue which over time attracts dirt and re-soil carpets more rapidly than it should.

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