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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Winter Months

“I’m just going to wait until Spring.” This is a quote heard over and over in the industry. However, before uttering those words yourself, consider the following points.

First, more than any other time of the year you’re spending more of your time in your home. With the cold and snow other than the necessities, you stay in the comfort of your home. Who really wants to look at those unsightly stains while stuck indoors? They look bad and leave a bad impression on your guests.

Second, more than any other time of the year, you’re spending LOTS of time in your home. Same point different angle. Frozen debris, soil, and other pollutants are tracked in with the salt. The will embed in the carpet and enter your air. Additionally, allergens don’t stop in the winter. This embedded soil will affect your carpets ability to filter out allergens and affect the air you and your family breathe. Carpet cleaning will remove the soil and allergens from the carpet making your time inside much healthier. Don’t wait four months.

If that isn’t enough, consider the damage to the flooring in which you invested so much money. Snow melt and road salts are extremely high alkaline products. When left untreated, and constantly grinded into your carpet they can cause permanent damage to your carpet fibers, making them much more susceptible to abrasions and other damages. This will greatly reduce the life expectations and appearance of that major investment. Additionally, that un-checked build-up of chemical, frozen debris, and soil can very much affect the effectiveness of that spring carpet cleaning; making return trips or living with inadequate results a fact of life later.

Finally, despite what people believe, your carpet will dry quicker in the winter. The heat in your home, and the dry air, makes the winter a perfect time to clean your carpet. Quick drying will minimize the inconvenience of the service call and lead to better cleaning results. Potential soil wicking up from the pad and backing through the carpet fiber will be greatly minimized.

Should you have your carpet cleaned in the winter? Absolutely yes. In fact, because of misconceptions, carpet cleaning appointments are easier to book in the winter as schedules are lighter. Getting a convenient time scheduled for you will be easiest during those months. Your service techs at Ionator Cleaning Solutions are available to meet your demands. Following our services, we would strongly recommend a “no shoe” policy on your carpet. If you need help with that policy, I can refer you to my mother for pointers on implementing a brutally enforced, but effective program. “ No Shoes”, combined with regular cleanings from Ionator Cleaning Solutions will revive your carpet’s appearance and maximize its lifespan.

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