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How Often Should My Carpet Be Professionally Cleaned

How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

Carpet requires regular vacuuming. If you're someone who vacuums your carpet regularly thats great. Although regular vacuuming isn't the only thing needed to maintain and preserve your carpets life and stay clean. Carpet experts recommend homeowners and businesses professionally clean their carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year.

That doesn't mean everyone should follow the one year routine. There are may aspects that need to be taken into account to decide how frequently your carpet should be professionally cleaned.

Carpet Manufacturers Warranty

Is your carpet under warranty? If you said yes, you should read over the warranty documents and see the conditions that have to be met. Commonly many carpet manufacturers recommend you need to get your carpet steam cleaned/hot water extracted once per year. Failure to follow this condition may well void the warranty from the carpet manufacturer.

No warranty? If you have no warranty or the warranty has expired it is your discretion as to when or how often you should cean your carpet. There are a few things you may want to consider prior to hiring professionals to do the job.

Carpet Traffic

More people lead to more traffic. Clean socks, outdoor shoes or slippers are factors in how often carpet will need cleaning. If you're talking about the traffic at the office's entrance, then its pretty obvious it goes through heavy traffic every day. If thats the case you should have it professionally cleaned once per month. Areas or rooms with much left traffic and further from the outside elements can be cleaned less frequently like every 6 months to a year depending the amount of foot traffic.

If you're a busy larger family in your home you may want to have the carpet professionlly cleaned twice per year depending the age of your children. Little ones typically leave the carpets more soiled than older children. Larger families should increase the frequency of professional cleaning to mantain the life of the carpet.

Do you Own Pets?

If you own and have cats or dogs living in your home, you should really consider having your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-9 months. Cleaning of carpet more frequently is highly recommended due to your furry pets sheeding fur and other dander on the carpets daily. Although vaccuming often is crucial to keeping carpet maintained, the bacteria and soils these furry animals track in from outside can damage the carpet fiber, reducing the carpet life. No matter how clean you try and keep your pets , their fur is vulnerable to pests and microorganisms that can damage the carpet. Vacuuming carpet frequently will reduce the need for professional cleaning but twice a year is still recommended by carpet experts.


Buying and installing carpet can cost in the thousands of dollars. Cleaning costs in the hundreds of dollars. Over the years keeping your carpet clean will increase its life and in the end save you the replacement cost by your carpet lasting much longer when compared to neglecting regualar professional cleanings. As well, it is always nice to have fresh clean carpet. Clean carpet protect you from unhealthy bacteria, which can lead to allergies and other potential health problems. Clean carpet also improves the beauty of your home and will mentally make you feel better about your home. Creating a carpet cleaning timeline or schedule based on the amount of foot or pet traffic is a great way to insure maximum carpet life in your home.

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