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How to Remove Indentations in Carpet in 3-4 Simple Steps

How to Remove Indentations in Carpet Easily

1. Dampen a towel preferably a white cloth or towel. Place the damp towel over the indent you wish to remove.

2. Now apply a hot clothes iron to the top of the cloth. Hold for 15-20 seconds at first and lift the towel off and inspect. Depending the temperature of the iron you may be able to hold longer but its important to keep the cloth or towel damp.

3. You can use a spoon to lift the carpet fibers and fluff the carpet up. Skip this step with berber as it could damage the berber carpet fiber.

4. Re dampen cloth or towel and repeat these steps until the indentation has been removed.

Thats how you can remove indentations in carpet by yourself. Almost as simple as it gets!

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